Production of swivel display units

Production of swivel display units

Promoting sales goods

Metal display units are very convenient products often used in shops and supermarkets for displaying small and medium-sized articles in an eye-catching way that is able to attract the customer.
Swivel and counter-standing display units play a central role in attracting the attention of customers to goods on sale, being very practical to use both by the customer and the salesperson.

GPZ guarantees the highest quality standards for its swivel display units: the firm is specialised in working and bending the metal rods that constitute the basic element in wire racks, baskets and modular display units. It offers a vast range of products for supermarkets and commercial activities, including a range of eye-catching, fully-functional swivel and counter-standing display units.
With the same precision and speed of execution, the firm fabricates also floor-standing display units and furniture trolleys, and also bespoke solutions to meet particular customer demands.
Qualità first

The success of GPZ in the medium metal structural work sector can be attributed to its choice always of the best quality metals and to its constant upgrading of its machine park, with installation of the most modern numeric control (CNC) plants.
As a result of this continual process of renewal, hundreds of customers rely on us for metal work such as punching or sheet shearing operations. So, you can be sure of the tried and tested professionalism GPZ offers!

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